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This page contains informations about the functionality of the Worksheet-Generator as well as other interesting facts.

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The Worksheet Generator is a website, which helps to create worksheets for the 4 basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). The output of the worksheet is optimized for print. Therefor the Worksheet-Generator represents a tool for parents to help create worksheets for their children.

The Worksheet-Generator uses a random function to create all calculations. The sourrounding conditions for the predefined worksheets contained in the startpage where already set, in order to create meaningfull worksheets for elementary school pupils.
There is a Generator planned for the future, by which the user may choose the desired arithmetic operations as well as the according conditions.

I figured that the ideal way of outputting the calculations was a 3 column layout. 2 columns left too much whitespace, 4 columns were to dense. Also adding 15 calculcations per column resulted in a total of 45.

My older daugther attends the 3rd class of elementary school. She once approached me and asked if I could write down some calculations for her to practice. While writing down some additions and subtractions, I came about the idea of programming a website, which uses a random generator to create these calculations. So that I would have less work to do ;-)

I am very happy about each single request, no matter the nature of the message (praise, criticism or suggestion). Just write an email to I will try to respond as quickly as possible. Thank you very much.

The source code for the worksheet generator is publicly available on Github: hoermann.klaus/
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